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Company law

Agat draws up the contracts and documents needed to form and operate a company. We give advice about the company’s ongoing operation, and make sure that everything is done right when you want to admit new owners, raise capital and make new share issues, for example, as well as general meetings and the board’s work. We also help with restructuring, sales or winding-up of companies.

Contract law

Agat supervises and draws up the contracts that may arise in your business, such as collaboration agreements, investment agreements, option agreements, shareholder agreements, sales agreements, retailer agreements and other types of distribution contracts.

Banking and public finance law

Agat represents banks and finance companies as necessary in disputes and complicated issues. Agat also provides advice, evaluates and interprets contract terms and conditions in credit agreements and security agreements, assesses credit undertakings and insolvency situations, and gives concrete advice on suitable choices.

Contracting law

Agat provides advice to principals and contractors and also supervises and draws up agreements and other contracting documents, handles issues with procurement and request documents, project reconciliations, changes, additions and deductions to contracts (Swedish: “ÄTA-arbeten”), liability issues and inspections. Normal Swedish standard agreements, such as AB 04, ABT 06 and ABS 09 may need supplementing or adapted to suit your particular situation.

Property, leasehold and tenant-owner law

Agat provides advice, supervision and drawing-up of contracts on issues relating to property, such as buying, mortgaging, property parcelling, and also planning and construction issues. We assist property owners and tenants on issues relating to tenancy agreements, termination, right of tenure, etc., and tenant-owner associations, buyers and sellers on issues such as transfer of tenant-ownership, membership, percentage holdings, faults and failings, and also sub-tenancy.

IT law

Agat provides supervision of and draws up consultancy agreements, licence agreements for software, IT operation agreements and service agreements, and handles issues relating to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Normal Swedish standard agreements, such as Avtal 90, IT-Drift, SLA-bilaga, IT-tjänster, IT-Projekt, Agila Projekt, IT-Underhåll, Cloud Computing, etc. may need supplementing or adapted to suit your particular situation.

Labour law

Agat supervises and draws up employment contracts, MD contracts, confidentiality agreements and agreements relating to competition and loyalty. We provide advise for ongoing employment and make sure the formalities are correctly done in conjunction with restructuring, business transfer or termination or dismissal. We also manage negotiations with trade unions.

Tax litigation

Agat assists with requests from the Swedish Tax Agency and gives advice in conjunction with audits, reviews and arrears taxation, and assists companies and managements in tax litigation at administrative courts, relating to issues such as tax returns queried by the Tax Agency, the right of companies to deduct salaries and other costs, VAT, tax surcharges made, and issues relating to representative liability.

Public procurement

Agat assists tender providers during the procurement process. We evaluate and interpret request forms, and assist tender providers during appeals processes and disputes relating to damages if the procurement has not been conducted properly.

Dispute solution and procedural law

It is Agat’s ambition to find the quickest and most cost-effective solution for you in any dispute that arises. If no settlement can be reached, we have good experience of bringing cases in public courts, administrative courts and labour tribunals, and also of arbitration.  The possibility of covering costs via insurance is always investigated.

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