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Contract law

Agat helps you to go through or draw up the contracts you need, such as collaboration agreements, investment agreements, option agreements, shareholder agreements and purchase agreements.

Tax law

Agat can help you with requests from the Swedish Tax Agency and assist you in conjunction with reviews and arrears taxation. We can help you in tax cases in the administrative courts relating to issues such as tax returns changed by the Tax Agency by means of upwards revision of amounts liable, refused right to make deductions or tax surcharges made.

Contracting law

Agat helps you with advice, and reviews and draws up contracts when you are building a house. We know when the Consumer Services Act applies. This has mandatory provisions for aspects such as single-family house construction contracts, home renovations and groundworks, and explains what you as a buyer (consumer) can demand from the supplier (contractor) on issues such as fixed or variable price, additional works, final inspection, delays and complaints. We know the standard contracts for consumers, ABS 09 and Hantverkarformuläret 09.

Property, leasehold and tenant-owner law

Agat can help you with advice, review and drawing-up of agreements, for example buying and selling, ROT deductions, loans and mortgages, planning permission, hidden faults, inspection, price deductions, damages and contract cancellation. We help you who are renting or renting out a flat with questions on subjects such as notice of termination, sub-letting and right of tenure. If you have bought or sold a tenant-owner property, we can help you with issues such as membership, percentage holding, faults and failings in the property, price deduction, contract cancellation and damages, and sub-letting.

Labour law

Agat helps you to go through or draw up employment contracts, confidentiality agreements or agreements relating to competition and loyalty. If you are not a member of a trade union or are dissatisfied with your union representation, we can help you in conjunction with restructuring, business transfer, termination or dismissal relating to you, and negotiate with the employer on your behalf.

Criminal law

If you are suspected of a crime, you will usually be entitled to a public defence counsel. You should request a public defence counsel as soon as possible. The lawyers at Agat can help you in conjunction with interviews, before and during a court hearing, and in the event of any remand hearing and main hearing. The costs of a public defence counsel is nearly always covered by the state. Agat can help you demand compensation from the Office of the Chancellor of Justice if you have been deprived of liberty without grounds.

Victim’s legal adviser

If you have been the victim of a crime, you will in several cases be entitled to a victim’s legal adviser. You should request a victim’s legal adviser as soon as possible. The lawyers at Agat can help you in conjunction with interviews and before any main court hearing. We provide advice and support, and will drive a case for damages against the perpetrator on your behalf. The state covers the cost of a victim’s legal adviser.

Compulsory care

Agat’s staff are appointed by administrative courts to act as public legal counsel in cases relating to compulsory care under the Care of Young Persons (Special Provisions) Act (LVU), and then assists children, youths or parents who are parties in cases brought under the Act. If you are a party in this type of case, you can request an Agat staff member to represent you. Agat’s staff members are also appointed as public legal counsel in cases relating to compulsory care under the Care of Abusers (Special Provisions) Act (LVM), the Compulsory Psychiatric Care Act (LPT) and the Forensic Psychiatric Care Act (LRV).

Family law

Agat can help you on issues relating to custody of children and children’s housing and contact rights. Agat’s ambition is to help you and your counterpart to find a functioning solution that suits you. If no agreement can be reached, Agat assists you in the public courts and submit or respond to summons applications and any interim claims, and in every other respect acts in the ways that are necessary for your particular situation. Agat also helps with reviewing or drawing up of family law documents.

Dispute solution and finance

It is Agat’s ambition to find the quickest and most cost-effective solution of any dispute. If no settlement can be reached, we have good experience of bringing cases in public courts, administrative courts and labour tribunals, and also of arbitration.  The possibility of covering costs via insurance companies (legal protection cover), courts (legal aid) or otherwise (specialist legislation) is always investigated.

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